Network Professionals | 7 Tips And Tricks For Automation Network Installation
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7 Tips And Tricks For Automation Network Installation

Network Installation

7 Tips And Tricks For Automation Network Installation

The most important part of having the right automation installation is to make sure that you have the right components. One has to make sure that you have the right connects and have the right installations. We have some few tips which can make it easier for you to install these automation networks.

Always use the right circuit breakers and power supplies

Circuit breaker is generally intended to be placed in the distribution box which needs to be rated to make sure that it can take the load of all the component. Try to make sure that you have the right accessories as the circuit breaker should not be rated higher than what is needed. If not done so, will lead to the currents exceeding the safe load which can result in damage.

Switching Socket

Use external relays for switching sockets

A sockets are supplied directly to make sure that the distribution box is grouped right. Interrupting the currents results in disabling all the sockets. This can enable the individual control which can connect to another socket to an individual power line. Sockets can be switched early which can be used as a contractor. This can only be useful when you are switching the phase line which which works well with the Zero.


The regular lighting works with the binary on and off. You can make sure that high voltage or current which allows you to use cable in a small diameter. A regular twisted pair can be connected directly to controllers digital input which can have the potential of expansion. The numbers are equal to the number of switches which allows for a better power supply.


Mind the interference

Data lines are prone to electromagnetic interference, causing a loss of data which can interrupt the flow of PLC communication. This interference can be caused by a close proximity of the data which is capable to power lines that can represent the data cable which can allow for a large power inverters. These are most effective as reduction can make it easier for you to use the shield the cables which does not cost much as well.

Use the SO output for the quantity measurement

There are many modern quantity meters which can be used for signals for collecting data. There are many meters that can provide with seal which can be used as a way of monitoring the consumption. This meter can easily tract down on the digital input of a controller which can help monitor the consumption which can let through the pulse counting. This can help provide you with the accurate data for long term consumption which can tract real time consumption.

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