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“Greenville Family Partnership has been using the services of Networking

Professionals for more than three years and we have always been very happy

with their service. We purchase our equipment through them and have a

monthly service contract with them. Our working relationship has been very

successful and professional. We are a small non-profit with a limited

budget, constantly looking for ways to save money and expand resources. One

of the best qualities of this company is their honesty and willingness to

work within a very controlled budget. Marc Cameron has always been honest

and ethical in explaining the logical and most cost-effective way to meet

our needs.

He is very comfortable working with non-profits and working around the

limited knowledge we possess of technology or the need for maintenance and

upgrading. It is hard for our field to spend needed dollars on computer

upgrades. I would whole-heartedly recommend his services to others and I

often do but I also cannot express enough the need for honest communication

and building and maintaining a partnership with your service provider.”

Carol Reeves (Executive Director) – Greenville Family Partnership

“Majesty Music has used Marc Cameron and Networking Professionals for

several years now, and we have been well-pleased with his work. He has

been able to get us through several computer problems, and has done it

in good time. His Linux firewall and internet filtering work very well,

without blocking us out of legitimate sites we need to access.

One thing in particular that Marc has been able to do for us – that most

vendors cannot – is … work with the Macs. …Marc can get the computers to network just fine!

Whatever our computer problems, be it hardware trouble, networking

issues or virus infections, Marc and Networking Professionals has done a

good job for us, and I am confident will do a good job for you too.”

John Leupp (Manager of Operations) – Majesty Music