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Networking 2 or dozens of Computers:

If you are looking to be able to share files, maybe internet connection, run a local database, and copy information between computers we have the expertise necessary for the job. Whether you’re running Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, or Novell; specially qualified techs are able to assist.
We support 10baseT or 100baseTX ethernet CAT5 twisted pair as well as 10base2 coax, or wireless networking over a LAN.
If your business is spread across the city, state, country, or you need the capabilities of connecting to another building somewhere in the world, we also support setting up WAN’s (Wide Area Network) and can provide the info and know-how to make this work.
We can run network lines for a new network or run lines to expand to your existing network.
One of the most important things in running a business these days is being able to access the Internet. For a business this is usually done through the network using either a proxy server or NAT (Network Address Translation) in order to share one single connection (such as a T1, DSL, cable modem, ISDN, or Dial-up). This is a big part of our network setups and we make it as seemless as possible for the client, working with the internet provider to establish the connection as quickly and smooth as possible.
Some businesses might also have employees that want or need to work from home and we have experience in setting up VPN, RAS, or other form of “off-site” connection to the network. Making it possible for people to be able to do this.